Caitlin Esworthy

Caitlin Esworthy


In collaboration with Michael Woody

Transforming the urban streets into a game environment with augmented reality, Catnip takes you on a journey to find a new cat friend. Accruing catnip points as you explore your city, you use points to give gifts to each cat in your collection.

Our target user is looking for tools to incentivize getting outside, for activity that can distract them from stressors, and for relaxing ways to stay engaged and connected. Augmented reality, with its ability to create unexpected interactions, offers a unique medium to delight and entertain.

The process of finding cats is designed for relaxed exploration. The finder view interface is minimal to best see the augmented reality waypoints. Added sound signals notify users that they have arrived at way points so they can put down their phone and enjoy the journey.

Having options for consistently available interactions is critical for being useful for our users struggling with mild anxiety and looking for tools to provide relief from stressors. Message branching interactions created with unique chatbots provides varied and ongoing experiences for de-stressing.

Having easy opportunities to share delightful experiences is critical for our target user. Staying connected with community and having customizable, fun and distinctive images or items to share builds on the experience every time you use Catnip.